Everything you need to know about Big Data, are five letters: SCOPE.

Easily analyse, understand and use Big data.

The benefits of Big Data

Mass data is large, complex and chaotic. In other words: comprehensive, factual and surprising. It contains everything you need in order to grasp a situation and assess it correctly – all you have to do is select the right pieces of the data puzzle and put them together to form an overall picture. Nowadays, it is important to view data from different sources not in isolation with conventional systems, but as a unified whole on newly developed platforms. This includes our SCOPE.


SCOPE visualises correlations of data from different sources so that you can easily analyse them. At the same time, you always keep the overview, because you can store and share the gained information, across borders and systems.


SCOPE does not only provide insights, but also makes them usable: whether you want to assess the situation, fight terrorism, track down white-collar crime or disclose corruption. None of these activities is possible without leaving data behind. Even their planning leaves traces. With SCOPE you can find them and recognise the bigger picture.

Improve the world with SCOPE

SCOPE helps authorities, institutions and organisations to ensure more freedom and security. The scenarios are endless.

Protecting human life

A crisis area, somewhere in the world. Every day the local security unit heads out on patrol, always on a different route. Reconnaissance keeps an eye on everything – SCOPE helps by taking over GSM, radio and IP evaluation. The results are processed and help to ensure that colleagues on the ground can return home undamaged.

Reduce dangers

Instant threats and potential dangers are identified and analysed. SCOPE puts the pieces of the data puzzle together to form an overall picture – naturally within the legal framework – and makes it available to the decisionmakers. Ensuring potiential attacks and assassinations are avoided.

Avoiding conflicts

Safety authorities often have to clarify confusing situations: Which powers pursue which interests in a certain region? Where do conflicts appear? SCOPE helps to filter out the facts and identify connections. This information can help to defuse and prevent crisis situations early on.

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SCOPE in detail

Technical details

  • Have several million data processed daily.

  • Collect and merge multiple data sources.

  • Identify anomalies, patterns and irregularities.

  • Everything from raw data import to the finished report within just one software.


  • Obtain a comprehensive, source-independent picture and get your analytic results faster.

  • Use our browser-based SCOPE platform on COTS hardware without any problems.

  • Select the information according to your needs.

  • Visualize correlations.

  • Be up to date on what is happening – and what has already happened, because SCOPE not only looks at the latest data, but at all the data.

  • Analyse precisely for your purposes: nationally and/or geographically.

  • Easily work on cases together and share analyses and findings with colleagues across systems and borders.

The right package for every requirement

Of course, our experts will advise you from the very beginning to find the right solution for you. We stay by your side and are available with our support on request.


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